Usable in a wide variety of applications from hobbies to industrial machinery.

A compact, high performance camera module


Model name Multi Flex-CAM-G0308-A
Number of pixels VGA (640 × 480 pixels)
Image sensor 1/6.5-inch CMOS image sensor
Frame rate 30fps
Output CMOS Parallel YUV422 8-bit
Driving voltage 2.7 V to 3.3 V
Detailed information See the PDF file.

Outline dimensional drawings and pin assignment table

Estimated unit price

Quantity Price (tax included)
1 to 9 $25.00 USD
10 to 99 $21.00 USD
100 to 999 $16.00 USD
1,000 to 2,999 $8.00 USD
3,000 or more Please call us separately
Shipping cost Those prices do not include shipping costs.

Image samples


Evaluation kit

  • An evaluation kit with USB connectivity
Model name Multi Flex-CAM-G0308-A-KIT
Equipped with a Cypress USB 3.0 conversion IC (CYUSB3014-BZXC)
Output USB 3.0 Type B connector (used for firmware writing as well)
Input connector XF2M-3315-1A (Omron)
Supplied accessories Multi Flex-CAM-G0308-A, FFC cable, cable conversion board, and USB cable
Price 1 or more $209.00 USD
Shipping cost Those prices do not include shipping costs.
Detailed information See the PDF file.

Cautions for use :

  • -The product is not intended to be used with equipment for which both high quality and high reliability are required, equipment whose damage or malfunction directly threatens human life, or equipment that could cause bodily harm.
  • -The product is not designed to be used or stored in an environment where the temperature or humidity is high, or where moisture condensation occurs.
  • -Glass is used as a material of the product. Applying strong impact could break the glass causing an injury.
  • -Before using the product, wipe any dust or dirt away from the lens.
  • -Do not unnecessarily bend or apply excessive force to the connection cable or terminal.
  • -Store and use the product in a place out of reach of small children.
  • -The product specification is subject to change for improvement without prior notice.