HINO Engineering Group regards protection of global environment as one of common issues of highest importance for all humanity, and the whole Group will comply with the KES Environmental Management System Standards and make effort to reduce environmental burden.

What is KES?
“What is KES?”:


HINO Engineering Group pursues environmental management activities based on the following polices to reduce environmental influence of all activities relating to design, manufacture and sale of FA computers, control devices, processed parts, etc., products, and services, and seeks to harmonize with the global environment.

1. We are always aware of environmental influence of our activities, products and services, promote prevention of environmental pollution, and continuously seek to improve our environmental management activities.

2. We observe legal and other environmental requirements relating to our activities, products and services.

3. We focus on the following as major environmental management themes among environmental effects of our activities, products and services:

  • (1) reduction in power consumption;
  • (2) reduction in industrial wastes;
  • (3) reduction in purchase of office paper; and
  • (4) promotion of cleaning around our plants and beautification activities.

4. We keep every employee fully informed of this environmental declaration so that each employee can actively practice the environmental burden reducing activities, and make it available to the public.

5. We actively participate in environment improvement activities.

To achieve the policies, we set goals, review them regularly, and pursue the environmental management system.

Date of declaration: May 1, 2013
Last revised: April 1, 2014

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Masami ENDO, President